What is Itemi?

Itemi is a cloud-based website service designed for music stores. Stores each receive a personalised web presence (eg. For “XYZ Records” it could be http://xyzrecords.itemi.me or http://www.xyzrecords.com), where information about records and CDs is added and removed by store staff. Then the items can be viewed by the general public. Basic information such as album name, artist and genre is complimented by album art, cost and media type (eg. Vinyl LP, single, etc) is included.

Find out what Itemi can do for your business!

Boost sales

Itemi tracks items of interest to the customer and sends this information to the store owner to follow up on.

Attract customers

Itemi shows vast amounts of information about each item of stock including album, artist, cover art and more.

Manage stock

Each item in Itemi has a unique identifier, making it simple to keep on top of current stock levels.

Itemi is built with trusted and leading technology

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